The EHR Zone

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There is a new dimension, beyond that which is known to physicians. It is a dimension as vast as any medical clinic and as timeless as your patient records. It is the middle ground between workflow and patient experience, between implementation of new technology and reality. It is an area we call The EHR Zone.

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About the Host

Ron Sterling is the President of Sterling Solutions, Ltd. and a nationally recognized expert on the selection, implementation, and use of electronic health records and healthcare billing systems. Ron has analyzed health care software products from over 150 vendors. He has developed business and information strategies to improve profits, business operations, and services for healthcare organizations and physician practices in 35 states.

  Ron is the author of Keys to EMR/EHR Success: 2nd Edition, the breakthrough book for medical practices eager to minimize the costs, confusion and outright risks of choosing and implementing an EHR.